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From the "WTF" file...

Witness the horror that is...

Snuggie Pub Crawls!!!!

(combining two horrible things, there's also Snuggiebook)

New motorcycle

Having thoroughly enjoyed my scooter through summer (and trying my darnedest to still ride it as fall chills settle in), I'm pondering my next bike already. I'd like to have two vehicles for a very pragmatic purpose -- Jess very much wants to ride too. I'd also like a café racer style of bike, just for kicks and because the notion of a rockabilly bike appeals to me more than a hog or a crotch rocket. It would also motivate me to get my hands dirty and do some actual mechanical work.

Anyway, I've just been browsing eBay, doing basic research so that perhaps in the spring I'll know better what I want (and I should have the money then). My favorite description so far is this Honda Nighthawk:

This bike runs excellent! It needs nothing, ready to ride. the engine was rebuilt at 40,000 miles now there are 44,500 miles on the bike total. The oil and the clutch was changed in August of this year.

The bike is black with some pink hello kitty decals and white star decals that could be removed easily if you dont like them.

(emphasis mine)

I can't decide if I'd remove the stickers if I bought it, although I think Jess is more of a PowerPuff Girl enthusiast...


I can hardly even comment on this one; a flaky guru in Sedona (they are a dime a dozen there, folks -- can't swing a Genuine Vortex Detecting Crystal On A String without hitting one) does a sweat-lodge ceremony and 19 people end up sick, and 2 people dead:


Here's what this guy is about:

The self-help guru is widely known for his programs that claim to teach individuals to create wealth through all aspects of their lives -- financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Ray, whose company is based in Carlsbad, California, has appeared on a variety of national programs, including CNN's "Larry King Live." In that appearance, Ray was about to address 3,000 people in Phoenix, Arizona.

Asked what he thinks about critics of his teachings, Ray told King:

"Well, you know, it's interesting, Larry, because any time a new idea comes to the fore, it goes through three phases. It's first ridiculed. Then it's violently opposed. And then it's finally accepted as self-evident, normally after the opposition dies."

...and here's a view from the community whose traditions he sees fit to rip off to make a quick buck (his real 'wealth creation' secret -- sell the stupid white people with too much money a get-spiritual-quick scheme):

"We are curious to find out what happened there," Richard Moreno, a member of Pira Manso Pueblo tribe, told KPHO-TV. "I've been participating in the sweat lodge since the age of 3 and I've never recalled being sick from being in the sweat lodge."

Moreno told the station he has never been to a lodge that held more than 20 people.

I find it incredibly offensive that this jerkwad dares to call his program a "new idea". He simply ripped off a real, deeply-rooted tradition practiced for spiritual reasons and paired it up with the same sort of money making techniques Jesus H. Christ beat the shit out of moneychangers in the temple for 2000 years ago. Nothing new here, unfortunately.

Japonesian Balls Foundation

Japanese cover version. I'm strangely fascinated by this; much better than the tons of Replacements and Blink 182 cover versions on YouTube.


Something to perk you up

There are an amazing number of different performances and covers of this song on YouTube, but I like the style and rendition of this one the best.


Adios my little chalupa

I just got a call from my ex (currently living in Germany with her boyfriend; she was due back in a few months). Her (formerly our) little Chihuahua Chickpea suddenly succumbed to a heart condition last night. She just suddenly went into arrest and stopped breathing, and was gone before the vet could even do anything.

I'm more than a bit upset; I was just looking at pictures of Chickpea yesterday and looking forward to seeing her again when Jean got back home. She was just the sweetest, most loving dog -- she always got excited to see people, spinning around in circles and barking. She gave kisses and loved to cuddle up in your lap. Of all the things in our divorce, I think one of the hardest things was splitting up the pets -- and now Shadow is gone and so is his little friend Chickpea.

She's hoping the airline will let her bring the ashes back with her, and that she can bury Chickpea on her parent's property, next to where we buried Shadow. We think it's appropriate that the two little buddies get to rest next to each other.

So long baby... you were an absolute joy in our lives. I hope you're out there somewhere running around in spirit with Shadow.

Stop Drop and Roll

I dropped the bike for the second time today. As with the first time, it was something stupid when I was moving < 5 mph. This time around, I was moving it from the street after I was told by my friend that there was no parking on that side of the street in Redford. I'm still not quite sure what happened as I was moving it off the street on onto the grass in front of his house; something distracted me or didn't feel quite right as I was coming up the driveway and onto the lawn, and I hit the throttle too much, then grabbed the brake too much in reflexive response.

Bad things resulted from this:
1) The bike fell over
2) I flew over the front of the bike as it went down

Two good things:
1) The extra throttle meant the bike did reach the grass before it fell. Therefore, no scratches on the bike -- zero damage at all, actually.
2) As I flew over the front, I executed perhaps the only absolutely perfect shoulder-roll I've ever done -- if only I could ever possibly do that in the dojo. So, hey, maybe eight years of martial arts has paid off in some ways -- I even remembered to tuck my chin and roll from my left shoulder over onto my right side. I got up with no injuries.

So, final tally -- I'm fine, the bike is fine. The only damage was to my ego, when I had to swear to everyone watching that this was only the second time I've ever had any sort of loss of control (maybe the third time -- I did almost skid when I hit unexpected rain a few weeks ago, but even then it was an almost situation, and my safety course training did let me recover control and get off the road to reassess the best way to proceed in order to minimize the need to make any sharp turns on the way home).

I still say, though -- I love my scooter. This thing is just plain fun to be on, and I'm hoping I can do a real road trip with it before winter comes.


Coming home

Weight gained since wedding - 6 lbs
Number of emails waiting for me at work - 865
Number of meetings I've been scheduled for this week - 12 (about 3 every day, 4 on some days)
Number of times I've had to wash my dog using ketchup because the dumb ass annoyed a skunk - 1


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